We are friends

Meghan and I are friends, see below photographic proof circa 2003:

That was seven years ago, so in order to bring our friendship up-to-date, I embroidered her a tea towel for her birthday:

Friendship confirmed:

I’m totally geeking out with embroidery. Send me any requests and I’d be glad to stitch you up something nice.


Mary turned 28 and had a Pretend You’re 82 gathering. I’ll probably be embroidering some dish towels when I’m 82 so this happened:

timeless class:

Daily Drop Cap

D aily drop caps by Jessica Hische are infinitely cool and awesome.

Tote your groceries with sass and class.

Robert Indiana

I borrowed this image from my dear buddy Alexanne who visited the Indianapolis Art Museum and hung out with these enormous numbers. Kind of makes me think of Sesame Street. Wouldn’t it be fitting if some muppets appeared from behind that #1 and started talking to her about counting?

It’s by Robert Indiana, who created the “LOVE” sculpture we all know so well.

I took a preliminary stroll around the Renegade Craft fair this afternoon and got these earrings that are little lockets. The seller who I bought them from, Ball and Chain, had the nicest jewelery that I saw there and everything was super affordable. Very nice style. My favorite purchase, though, was this:

I’ve never embroidered before but this little kit comes with everything you need to give it a try, including a very dapper hanky for just $6 (!). I scurried home to try my hand at embroidery, because really, who isn’t embroidering on a Saturday afternoon? I know, time for me get with it.

Embroidering “je t’aime” or “lover” onto a hanky is all well and good but, let’s be realistic about what’s going into this tissue-like device. Snot. Lucky for me, one of the designs was for “sugar booger” so I went with the latter half of that sweet nothing. A little help from the included directions and an online tutorial, and it came out pretty okay!

Embroidery is pretty sweet, and could certainly be a fun vehicle for me to apply funny words and phrases to things to my hearts delight.

Debbie Carlos

I just bought this beautiful poster on Etsy by Debbie Carlos. I read about her shop on the For Me, For You blog. This is going up in my living room, along with any other prints that I’ll inevitably purchase at the Renegade Craft Fair tomorrow. Renegade Craft Fair day is my favorite day ever.