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You may recognize Jeremy Blake’s  abstract collages from the movie Punch Drunk Love (absolutely beautiful).  I didn’t know that he did paintings as well, which I found a few of here. There’s a lot of press surrounding his death, but I’m happy to have found more of his work and would like to see some of it in person someday.

Oh, and he did the Sea Change cover art, too!


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Patterny Plates

My mom gave me these nice plates. Thanks, Mommy.

Please no one sue me when I copy these patterns.

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Here’s a nice Flickr slideshow from the Greenpoint 100.

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WTF apparel

One thing led to another, and this happened. Get your very own WTF shirt today! You can change the style and color of the shirt, or put it on a bag. WTF are you waiting for?

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Ocean-y letter F

I went to Kinkos to get my W, T, and R printed last week. Printer guy was all “Oh, that’s funny, I thought this was a classy looking W.T.F. until I saw the R.” So, today, F.

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Silent auction day

I’ve been missing in action this month. April has been full of various distractions, mainly finding some good novels to read, and being sucked into two different tv series on DVD by two different gentlemen who I know — but they can tell you all about that some other time.

Today was the Greenpoint 100 auction at the library. There were cookies there! I totally called that.

There’s my “R” on display with many other great pieces from local artists. The art was judged, and the winner received $100 and an art show at Cup coffee shop. All of the proceeds from the auction went to the Greenpoint Library, so that they can afford to give Kate a great big salary when she gets hired there as a librarian.

All of that culture made us thirsty, so we went to the excellent TBD beer backyard for a drink and a snack. There’s Summer-Jer enjoying an Ithaca beer. What an lovely, sunny, Greenpoint-themed afternoon.

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