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This post is not related to anything artistic. But Toby is kind of my mascot now so I feel like he’s sort of responsible for representing my personal image on the internet. He did a really good job getting me some PR with Uppercase a few months ago,  so I didn’t feel like I had to micro-manage him or anything.

Now I leave him alone with the WWW for two seconds and look what happens.


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I like the idea of using found patterns for my letter drawings, so I took a picture of this one in the ladies room of Le Poisson Rouge on Saturday night. I did everything in my power to lighten it up, but my flash-less camera phone was no match for the sultry mood-lighting in that bathroom.

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Walton Ford Wall

I took apart my 2009 Walton Ford calendar and made it into a wall decoration. I think it looks pretty badass, especially as shown in the skin-melting sunlight that explodes into my bedroom around 3pm each day.

Really wanted to title this post “Wall-ton Ford.” I have a specific friend in mind who will appreciate that.

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Quinlan asked and he hath received.

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An even better question is, why is my scanner acting wonky? What is that nonsense up at the top there?

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