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Spotlight on Steve

Today’s featured artist is Steve Mardenfeld. Under the guise of being fully occupied with rock climbing, statistics, and spilling beer on me, Steve has established a wide catalogue of impressive work as an artist. In Cat_Cig (2008), we see a chilling commentary on the demoralizing effects of vice and lethargy on house pets.


One will notice a stylistic shift in Steve’s later work, most of which was produced in collaboration with Billie. Whether due to artistic differences or personal disagreements, New Jersey Steps on Billie’s Head (2008) signifies a burgeoning animosity between these two artistic virtuosos. The jagged outline of angry New Jersey may very well be a reference to the rocky ledges that Steve so adores.

billie nj

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Spotlight On…” which will appear the next time somebody I know makes a couple of funny computer collages.


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Spotlight on Billie

This is the first in a series of posts in which I will showcase the work of several fine, up and coming artists who I am honored to call my close friends.

First is up is Billie Rokosny. Billie has studied his artistic craft in Ithaca and London, and he now keeps his studio in Brooklyn. He made his debut in the art world with the below piece, titled OH JEEZ HAPPY HOLIDAYS (2008).


Over the past year, Billie has begun to incorporate more political themes into his art. Exemplifying this is the stunning mixed-media piece, I’m Bloomblerg (2009), which explores the intensity of mayoral involvement in urban society.


Join us again tomorrow for a look at another rising star in the art world, Steve Mardenfeld.

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