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Mary, Molly, Meghan, Matthew, Mardenfeld, Mom. Covering a lot of ground with this one.

M Color

The pattern is based on the wallpaper at Northeast Kingdom, little photo below. The Brooklyn speakeasy-ish, wallpaper-y fad in bars and restaurants has been good to me.


It’s up on my store, too!


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Wine and Cheese


Poor quality photograph! Those are the breaks. Here’s my wine bottle displayed in my in-house photography studio (the bathroom). I will post a colored in “M” as soon as I find my orange colored pencil which I think Toby may have eaten while I was on vacation.

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Perfect Pairs

I made this in class tonight for a wine bottle label. We aren’t allowed to use computers for this project, about which I am pleased. Unfortunately I took it home and it was way too gigantic to fit on a wine bottle so I’ll have to make a new one. But I am cool with that. pinot

It’s wine that has cheese pairing suggestions on the label. Um I have no idea if parmesan goes with pinot noir, I just wanted to draw a block of parm. Sorry, knowers of wine and cheese information. In addition, please note the hothands font.

P.S. Hothands was discussed thoroughly by many at Robert Moses beach this weekend. Also to be aware of is a new mutation of the disease called hotbutt (which I will not draw).

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M Sketch

Here’s “M” before color. Any color suggestions?

no color M

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