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Nine to Fives

I’m taking an intro to graphic design class, and I had to create a candy logo and a bag. I swiped some interoffice envelopes and taped them together to make the bag. It’s candy for office dwellers, each shaped like a clock with wings.   They make the time fly, get it? hardy har har.



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Okay so this is also pretty cool – my store has an RSS feed. So if you want, you can subscribe to it on Google Reader or whatever and it will tell you when I’ve posted a new shirt or bag.

Here is the link for that: http://skreened.com/kghezzi/rss?count=all

So, can I quit my day job and just sell shirts with drawings on them now? Thanks.

Here is a picture of my best friend. His name is Lou.  I think his enthusiasm best expresses my feelings of joy about my store, and he’ll probably have to be my mascot. awesome guy

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Pops Day

flowers, dad

I know my dad isn’t all too into father’s day in the slightest, and this drawing makes me look a bit like a little baby boy with monkey ears, but here we are all the same, from one of my favorite old photos.

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A Store A Store!

With the assistance of the aforementioned fine gentleman, I have started a store where you can purchase my drawings on shirts, bags, or sweatshirts! this is wildly exciting for me. I hope to make many more letters (which I really think look killer awesome on shirts, and more friends with animals drawings available there. Most everything I’ve posted here thus far is available at the store.

And as I said before, I would be thrilled to do anything on request, and to slap it on a wearable/totable item.

So tell a friend! Tell your mom!

You can click the little “Shop” icon on the right sidebar thing on my blog, or just go here: www.skreened.com/kghezzi

Yay. What fun, right?

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It has been suggested that I make a whole alphabet like this. I am down, but it will take me 28,342 years. In any case, this pattern is based on a photo taken of the wallpaper at the Richardson.

I’d also love to do these on commission — if you have a pattern you like and a letter that is like, your favorite letter in the whole darn alphabet, let me know.


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